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About Us

Shift2Lean (S2L) specializes in developing the ability to deliver high performance building projects, through the implementation of lean and integrated project delivery practices. We deliver exceptional value by creating lean teams and by training, coaching and facilitating teams to deliver projects through the use of lean methodology & tools.

Our approach has enabled us to deliver some of our industries most challenging projects for knowledgeable owners that have high expectations for value and performance. The Lean Project Delivery system has been used successfully to deliver the University of Winnipeg Richardson College for the Environment Development, the Churchill Northern Studies Center, Nortep Multi-unit residential Developments, the Okanagan College Trades Centre and the Mosaic Centre projects.


As early adopters of Lean Project Delivery, our Team is at the forefront of developing and building Lean capacity in the Canadian building industry. We have participated in hosting Lean conference programming, connecting Lean practitioners, growing the industry communities of practice, and delivering Lean training to all sectors, Owners, Designers, Contractors, Major Trades and Supply Chain.


Our capabilities include project planning, project management, lean project facilitation, target value design and last planner system implementation. We also have expertise in the design of sustainable buildings including passive solar design, Net Zero building, LEED certification, building management systems, energy management, measurement and verification and energy modelling.


S2L are interested helping clients build lean project capabilities and delivering high performance sustainable projects. We hope that you will consider giving us a call to discuss how we might help achieve exceptional value through implementation of a collaborative and disciplined project delivery system.


Meet The Team


Kathleen Lausman 


  • Kathleen Lausman

Kathleen is a Building Industry professional providing expertise in capital planning/life cycle asset management and Project Management using principles and processes enabled by technology systems and LEAN methodology. She is focused on sustainable solutions reducing waste, improving asset value and the facility occupant experience. Kathleen’s 30+ years of practice includes direct Project Management experience delivering capital projects. 


Karen Chovan 


  • Karen Chovan

Karen has 20 years of experience working in the industrial sector, as an engineer, a project manager, and an organizational change agent. 

Karen believes the greatest value is achieved through aligning teams to common goals, engagement, and collaboration to reduce wasteful practices. She facilitates open dialogue and developing team trust and respect, to discover improvement opportunities and solutions within the operations, projects, and organizations for which they work.


Murray Guy


  • Murray Guy

Murray believes there does not need to be trade-offs between cost and performance. Through the implementation of lean and more integrated practices, he has been able to deliver some of the industry’s highest performance projects. Murray brings enthusiasm, innovation and positive energy to each and every project.


Ron Cruikshank


  • Ron Cruikshank

Ron is a results-oriented Civil Engineer with over 36 years of experience providing strategic leadership and stewardship of the management of projects, engineering, and infrastructure and sustainability functions. Through the implementation of LPD strategies, Ron believes that projects can be delivered in a collaborative team environment providing value to the owner.

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