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Collaborative Project Management in Pandemic Times

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Learn skills that enable Collaborative Project Management Methods within a Digital Work Environment adapted for COVID-19 times.  During this course you will collaborate with other professionals to learn business/project/risk management systems to manage and/or interact with a team through a highly collaborative approach. This agile, systematic learning approach is 100% fully subsidized by the Government of Canada and is certified (aligns with best practices in both LEAN and PMI).

This course will commence on January 15, 2021 when registrants will be given access to the Big Room portal. This will provide learners with direct access to the instructors and the learning material. This will be followed by six (6) - four hour, interactive sessions which will be held once a week from 1:00 - 5:00 pm, CST, commencing on January 20,2021.

The cost for this course is $4,950 and includes 24 hours of on-line interactive, instructor lead sessions with an additional requirement of 24 hours of self guided learning. Certificates will be provided to confirm students have met the learning requirements. 

For a more complete description of this course, please see our brochure here.

In this ever changing reality, Lean Project School ONLINE is a great way to learn how to deliver exceptional projects . The online school is setup as a virtual BIG ROOM with all the plays needed to build a team and implement the systems.

Contact us to get access to the BIG ROOM!  

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ONLINE Lean Kick-start: Taking the Fast Lane to Project Success

6-wk Remote Learning Series

Ok, so you have heard that Lean Construction works, you don’t have 10,000 hours to develop mastery, but you want to find out what it's all about.


This online Kick-Start series is for you if you want to:


  • spread your learning out into remote bite-sized pieces,

  • maintain an interactive learning environment with instructors & other participants, 

  • spend less time on WHY we need to change our wasteful ways, and

  • get into the meat and potatoes of how to deliver a lean project.

This online learning journey, carried out over a 6-week period, is designed to introduce you to the foundations of Lean Project Delivery, including:

Week 1: Business Case & Lean Fundamentals
Week 2: Aligning on the Owner's Project Requirements

Week 3: Selecting & Building the Team

Week 4: Target Value Delivery

Week 5: Last Planner System

Week 6: Big Room, Close-out & Getting Certified

The online delivery is our way to begin offering an easier, more cost-effective way for you to adopt Lean Project Delivery and get started quickly with improving your project performance!


What to expect: 

  • Class size will be limited to 10 participants, to maximize our ability to address any and all concerns as we run through the course with you.

  • We will regularly ask for your direct and honest feedback throughout the process, so that we can practice continuous improvement along the way - we'll take your plus/delta's after each session, and incorporate learnings to make each consecutive session better. We want to be sure that you have a great online experience with us!


The bootcamp meets the formal training requirements for Lean Intern certification and puts hours towards Lean Implementer certification.

If you are interested in this training or would like a dedicated, in-house online series for only your team members, please contact us directly so that we can arrange preferred timelines and discuss any customization you may desire.

Lean Project Delivery Bootcamp

Bring this Workshop to your Team!

Learn what Lean Project Delivery and the Last Planner System is about, join in some fun and hands-on learning, and walk away with those "aha's" that will convince you to start your own Lean learning journey, and likely bring your team along with you! Whether you are a general and trade contractor, building owner, designer, manufacturer or supplier, you will benefit from this full day, interactive workshop.

Contact us below if you would like to bring this training to your region, or to your own team!

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"Last week’s training with Murray was really good, the group really responded to his enthusiasm and broad knowledge."

"This was one of the first learning seminars that all participants spoke of positively no matter what their experience and they appreciated that you both related it to construction they would understand and be interested in."

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