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Lean Project Delivery Certification Program

At Shift2Lean, our goal is to create a cultural transformation within the construction industry by developing the knowledge and capability to form effective, collaborative teams to deliver highly successful projects and create value for customers.

Our Lean Project Delivery Certification program provides the measuring stick for bench marking and measuring your lean capacity building progress. The three level certification program measures progress on skill development and tracks lean project work experience.


Why Certification?

If you want to be a leader in the building industry and deliver the most successful projects, Lean Project Certification can be the catalyst you need to create a cultural transformation.

The three level program challenges teams to adopt the best project delivery practices to ensure success: 


Less time… Less Cost… Less Risk… Greater Value.  

Please click on each of the titles for further information about each level.

Lean Project Intern (LPI):


At the Intern level, applicants will know there is an excellent business case for lean project practices and how the Last Planner System®, Target Value Design and Big Room Collaboration drastically improve project outcomes.

Lean Project Implementer (LPI2):  


At the Implementer level, applicants will have developed proficiency in Lean Project Delivery. An LPI2 would be expected to be able to work in a collaborative, team environment to improve project outcomes through the coordination and use of lean systems and tools.

Lean Project Integrator (LPI3):  


At the Integrator level, applicants are expected to be able to take a leadership role implementing lean systems and tools or have developed mastery in a specific area of lean project delivery practice.


Participating in the Shift2Lean Certification Program will give practitioners a structured, goal oriented learning platform that will recognize skills development to achieving better outcomes with in the industry and on your projects.

To access more information on expectations and requirements to meet each level of certification, please visit our learning platform below.

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