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Online @ Lean Project School

There is no lean project university pumping out the lean project talent, that is why Shift2Lean has developed Lean Project School.

The online collaborative workspace (Big Room) provides the environment to learn how to deliver successful lean projects. You will practice to learn the fundamentals. You will learn how to build a collaborative team, implement the systems to deliver exceptional projects on time, at less cost and with less risk.

Rather Watch a Video? What is Lean Project School?

A Playbook is provided that contains all of the strategies, systems, methods, check lists and templates needed to execute a lean project. The content was developed based upon lessons learned delivering 10+ successful projects and learning from the lean masters at National Lean Construction Institute congress.

As a member of the Project Teams you will be expected to collaborate in the Big Room through video sessions, chats, lean coffee events and facilitated work sessions.  Coaches will facilitate these events and are available online to support lean project skills development.

The learning path can be completed at your own speed or the 6 week recommended schedule.

The initial learning modules include:

  1. Lean Basics, Fundamental Principles & the Business Case for Lean Project Delivery

  2. Lean Project Framework (Play Book)

  3. How do we build a collaborative team?

  4. How to design to target cost?

  5. How to deliver to schedule?

  6. Review, Coaching and preparation to pass Certification Exam?

When you are ready to enter the Big Room, send me an email to and we will get you started.


Lean Project Integrator

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