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Build a Lean Team, Get Certified

Lean Project Teams consistently deliver projects at less cost, in less time and with much less risk. When we create collaborative work environments that engage project teams for productive work the results can be amazing.

"By adopting Lean Project Delivery, we were able to fix a $10M broken budget, deliver a signature LEED Gold laboratory project on schedule with a 2% contingency that exceeded our expectations for value and sustainable performance."  

Sherman Kreiner, U of W Community Renewal Corporation

By delivering projects at 18% less cost in the design with six months’ early completion, clients often reward teams with multiple projects as was the case for the U of W work. This type of performance almost sounds too good to be true. The reality is that fully integrated teams can deliver projects at 40% less cost. So then where do I get me one of those teams or how do I put some of those savings in my jeans?

There lies the challenge. There is no lean project university pumping out the lean project talent we need to fix a broken building industry. That is why Shift2Lean has a fully integrated lean professional development program. The Lean Team Building Program (LTBP) includes all of the ingredients needed to build lean project capabilities and execute a lean project. A roadmap, a playbook, online workshops, system guides, certification program and coaching.

The content is based upon experience delivering 10+ successful projects, learning best practices from the masters at eight National Lean Construction Institute conferences and optimizing the content to ramp up teams as fast as possible. 

The LTBP begins with a six week 30-hour boot camp Take the Fast Lane to Project Success”. This online workshop builds the foundation for lean project implementation. It is expected that at the end of the boot camp, participants will know how make the business case for LPD, build a collaborative team and to pilot the implementation of the three main Lean Project Delivery Systems (on simple projects and problems needing resolution).

·      Target Value Delivery: Design system to deliver best value to target cost.

·      Last Planner System: Work coordination system to deliver project in much less time.

·      Big Room: How to promote good behaviour and get the right work done.

The Lean Project Playbook provides a step by step roadmap on how to deliver a successful lean project. It includes strategies, systems, check sheets and templates needed to deliver a lean project. It includes tools to measure team health, solve problems, make better decisions and design better processes.

To ensure the investment pays dividends, participants are encouraged to pursue Lean Project Delivery Certification. The S2L certification program provides the measuring stick for bench marking and measuring lean capacity building progress. The three level Certification Program measures employee progress, provides report-outs on team progress, skills develop and tracks lean project work experience.

  • Lean Project Interns have developed a good understanding of the business case for LPD, lean project fundamentals and know how lean systems improve project outcomes.

  • Lean Project Implementers have 50 hours of formal training on lean project systems and have one year’s experience delivering lean projects.

  • Lean Project Integrators have three years of experience in delivering lean projects, can take a lead role in managing a project and have developed mastery in a specific area of practice.

The “Take the Fast Lane” boot camp course contribute towards the formal training requirements for Level 1 & 2 certification and prepares participants to pass the exams. Participants working on Level 3 certification may want to take the following workshops.

Level 3 Courses

·      Design Integrator: How to manage a project design team and facilitate a collaborate design process – Target Value Delivery - to deliver project requirements to target cost.

·      Big Room Facilitator: How to manage a collaborative team, keep the team healthy and continually improve improve work flow and minimize waste.

·      Last Planner System Coordinator: How to implement best practices in pull planning, weekly work plan and supply chain management. Supplementary courses are available for specific lean tools. The roadmap shows the steps required to develop capabilities, implement the systems and measure progress.

·      Lean Commissioning Manager: How to get your projects fully commissioned using performance testing as the mile stones for delivering fully functional systems. 

·      Lean Business Champion: How to build capacity, change culture and gain traction. This workshop includes developing an operational strategy, implementing a lean management system and work plans for full implementation.

·      Lean Tools: How to analyze business and process improvement initiatives (A3 Business Planning), make better decisions (Choosing by Advantages) and redesigning work processes to improve work flow. (Value Stream Mapping)

Coaching Services are available to support team development. A typical coaching contract for a project could include a face-to-face 2-day boot camp, plus 10 sessions for lean system implementation support.

The road to lean leadership requires an investment in people and project delivery process. The Lean Team Building Program has been designed to build capacity quickly enabling teams to deliver more successful projects, leading to increased market share

Shift2Lean provides the knowledge transfer (what to do, the why to do it and the how to do it). You provide the desire to improve. Connect @ Its all about the the Team to inquire about this Investment Opportunity!

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